Fabric Protection Plans

Keep your new fabric sofa looking its best

Fabric Protection Plan Reviews :

"I was mortified to discover a red stain on my cream sofa. The stain has vanished and my cushions look brand new again. I was super happy with what Colin (the technician) did, like me he is also a perfectionist and did a great job."

— Miss Patel (April 2016),

"Great stuff! Very happy I invested money in this protection plan and the service I received throughout my claim"

— Miss Field (April 2016),

"Horrified to find that he colour had transferred from 2 throws onto the settees. (Now it looks) Almost brand new. I was very pleased because I paid a lot of money for the suite and was worried I was going to have to replace it after 2 years use."

— Mrs Fishwick (April 2016),

"Wine stain on my footstool - felt annoyed with myself for spilling a glass of wine! Very pleased and surprised he was able to remove such a large stain"

— Miss Stanley (April 2016),

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A Protection Plan is an underwritten insurance product for new furniture. A Protection Plan differs from other insurance products and warranties as it covers your furniture against accidents

There are different levels of coverage depending on the plan you choose to purchase. These represent the standard levels of Fabric Protection Plans available. However please be aware, some retailers choose to offer different levels of coverage together. 

Fabric Plan – accidental stains only
Fabric Plus – accidental stains and accidental damage
Fabric Platinum – accidental stains, accidental damage, and structural faults


Fabric Protector Spray - Depending on where you buy your furniture, your fabric upholstery may be sprayed with Guardsman protector prior to delivery to your home.  The fabric protector has been developed to give maximum possible protection against stains. It is environmentally safe and works by creating an invisible barrier around the fibres of the fabric. Guardsman protector leaves no smell and does not alter the look, feel, or colour of your fabric.


How your Protection Plan works

You can claim for as many incidents as you need over the term, which provides you with 5 years of coverage, from the date your furniture is delivered. The Protection Plan is a one-off payment. There are no excesses to pay if you ever need to claim on your plan, no annual renewal costs, and you’re completely covered for parts, labour, and replacement items up to the indemnity value of your plan. Just so you know your indemnity value is the price you originally paid for your sofa. 


Making a claim on your Fabric Protection Plan

Don’t worry making a claim is very straightforward. You can begin the claims process online by downloading a claim form. The explanation on the web page gives you a simple walkthrough of how to go about submitting your claim and what you can expect next. 

Our first step in treating staining is to send you a bottle of our specialist stain remover, which is extremely effective against a wide range of stains. Click here for a step by step guide on how to use it.

It’s important that if you ever need to make a claim on your plan to report it to us as quickly as possible. A Protection Plan is not a substitute for regular care and cleaning. We’ll take care of the accidents but the day to day care is down to you. We also sell effective general cleaning solutions designed for all types of fabric furniture, which have been developed from our years of furniture care experience.

You can also visit our FAQ page to see answers to our most commonly asked questions.


While we cover for the accidents unfortunately we don’t cover for:

General cleaning
Wear and tear
Build up and gradually occurring stains or soiling
Colour change
Animal chewing


What does a Fabric Protection Plan cover?

Fabric Plan

Accidental Stains
  • Drinks such as red wine or coffee
  • Food such as curry and pizza
  • Bodily fluids such as blood or vomit
  • Ink such as biro, felt tip or permanent marker
  • Unidentifiable stains such as a stain appearing after a party
  • Paint
  • Make up and toiletries
  • Dye transfer from jeans or newspaper (not as a result of a build up)
  • Oil based stains such as grease or tar
  • Adhesives and glues
  • Bleaches and other household cleaning products
  • Acidic liquids such as vinegar and lemon juice

Fabric Plus

Accidental damage
  • Tears and rips caused by keys and belt buckles
  • Scratches and snags caused by jewellery
  • Burns caused by cigarettes
  • Thread pulls
  • Pet Scratches (not as a result of build-up)

Fabric Platinum

Structural faults
  • Recliner mechanisms
  • Excessive loss of resilience of foam cushions (not through general use)
  • Stitching coming undone
  • Broken Springs
  • Frame breakage