Leather Protection Plan

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It was amazing . You really couldn't see where the damage had been . It just looked like new. So pleased we had taken guardsman out when we bought the furniture.

Mr & Mrs Smith (Mar 2016)

Spring had moved and was causing a lump in cushion. (Now it's) Back to normal, no lumps. Delighted, as it looked as good as new

Mr Baird (Mar 2016)

Stain like a spill/drip trace taking colour out of leather fabric. Good repair, technician was throrough in recolouring and it was virtually impossible to detect the damaged area... Impressed with service and workmanship.

Mr Greenaway (Mar 2016)

My grand daughter spilt nail varnish remover on the cushion, seeing the furniture was only a few years old we were absolutely gutted. The area that was stained is no longer visible. I was very impressed with the repair and the technician. If it was not repaired to the high standard that it was we would have had to buy a new sofa.

Mrs Cox (Mar 2016)

Cat claw (on) new 3 day old arm chair, was devastated. Excellent (repair) wouldn't know the leather seat cushion had been changed. Over the moon. Special thanks to Tamar.

Mr Osborn (Jan 2016)

Peeling of the leather following a glue stain. i was very upset. (Now) It looked exactly as it was purchased.

Mrs Durugo (Jan 2016)

Split in leather after sitting down with scissors in my back pocket.  I was devastated as we had the suite for a few days. Invisible repair - looks like new

Mr Giles (Jan 2016)

Scratches - devastated my furniture was in such a mess simply because I child minded for 8 months! Absolutely great - not a scratch to be seen. Well pleased - suite back to tip top condition

Mr Lyall (Jan 2016)

Happy and glad that the ink stains were able to be removed.

Mr. Szender (Dec 2015)

The repair is brilliant. I cannot tell that it was ever damaged.  A super repair job. Thanks.

Miss Boillat (Dec 2015)

Thrilled that within an hour the sofa looked as good as new.

Mr. Claxton (Dec 2015)

Pleased the fault was discovered and chair (is now) functioning again

Mr. Craig (Dec 2015)

 The Sofa now looks and works like brand new in fact I would say it works better as a niggly click when extending recliner has now disappeared completely. The service you supplied was exceptional.

Miss Nuttall (Oct 2015)

Surface paint damaged, by nail varnish remover. The repair was excellent and, amazingly, invisible. Delighted and amazed at the quality of the repair.

Mr Willis (Oct 2015)

Can honestly say it looks like nothing ever happened to it.

Mr Hodgetts (Oct 2015)

Service I received was brilliant from start to finish

Miss Rowland (Oct 2015)

(I had) a tear on the arm and I felt like crying as it had taken a long time to afford it. You wouldn't notice it had been changed.  Its perfect. My daughter has just had her corner suite delivered so I can not fault any part of the service.  THANK YOU.  

Mrs. Shaw (Aug 2015)

Persistent squeak from internal springs  Seat sloped to one side. Pleased and glad the problems causes had been found and corrected.

Mr. Evans (Aug 2015)

Leather sofa found small hole well looked like top layer came away  felt very angry as cost enough and only around d 1 yr old and with no children or pets living  here. Very pleased with work done looks as good as new.

Mrs. Dutton (Aug 2015)

Really pleased with the repairs. 100% improvement to the comfort when sitting on the end seats.

Miss Spratt (Aug 2015)

A circular burn on the arm of a leather recliner chair caused by a hot bowl being placed on it. This is fairly new furniture so we were disappointed that it had been rendered imperfect. Happy to have our furniture repaired to such a high standard because the damage was in such an obvious lace that it marred the look of the chair.

Mrs. Wood (July 2015)

The damage was cigarette burn done by relative. I was not best pleased very upset. Thought (repair) results were brilliant, you would never know that there had been repair. Truly professional job.

Mr. Harvie (July 2015)

Electrical recliner was not working. Great (repair) job. thorough and competent. Excellent service from initial call to register the problem till getting the problem resolved.  Really impressed with the technician, so thorough and brilliant with his work and over that very polite.

Mr. Thite (July 2015)

I was very happy with the repair on my sofa as it looks just as good as the day it was delivered. 

Mrs. Wallace (May 2015)

Relieved and very pleased-the technician explained what he was doing and was obviously very competent.  

Mr. Marshall (May 2015)

The technician showed us stage by stage what he was doing and that all was working when job completed. Technician very good, first class service.  Very happy.

Mrs. Excell (May 2015)

Very happy with the result. You would not know a repair had been carried out I will continue to use the Guardsman cleaning products on a regular basis as I have done for the last 3yrs. 

Mr. Williams (May 2015)

Extremely pleased. I never imagined the chair would be restored to such a pristine state.

Mrs. Sanders (Mar 2015)

There was nail glue on my settee. Extremely pleased and surprised that it was able to be repaired.

Mrs. Beaty (Mar 2015)

I was elated when the technician finished as I never expected the colour to be so perfect.

Mrs. McEwan (Mar 2015)

I was delighted. Did not think it was possible to make it look like there had been no damage.

Mrs. Molyneux (Mar 2015)

Leather recliner 2 seater setee with surface cracks and peeling. One side seat had collapsed. Unhappy that a reasonably new item should deteriate so much. Back to brand new! Very pleased, feels like a new setee again. The whole experience was flawless.

Mr. Wright (Nov 2014)

Leather peeling. I felt very disappointed as this was the second occasion within 14months for this to happen. It looked very good we are pleased with the finish. We felt very pleased because of the shade matching with the rest of the chair.

Mrs. Williams (Nov 2014)

The technician did a brilliant job he explained everything and worked very efficiently.

Mrs. Newton (Sep 2014)

Extremely pleased. Almost didn't take cover on the leather sofa as only thought the fabric one was at risk!

Ms. Zacharias (Sep 2014)

Extremely pleased. Almost didn't take cover on the leather sofa as only thought the fabric one was at risk!

Ms. Zacharias (Sep 2014)