Fabric Protection Plan

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Ball point mark approx 5 cms long on front of sofa cushion. annoyed with myself as it was a sofa 1 week old. (Now it's) Good as new. Extremely pleased as the mark had been completely removed with no damage to the fabric

Mr Merriman (Mar 2016)

There was a liquid stain on one of the seat cushions.  The material was slightly darker than normal, it wasn't extremely obvious but I was aware of it. The stain is gone and the colour is back to normal.  I was very pleased that he managed to remove the stain and that it was impossible to see where it had been.

Ms Fleming (Mar 2016)

The technician was outstanding. As far as I'm concerned he went over & above what was expected.

Ms Massey (Mar 2016)

Superglue was accidentally spilled on arm of chair. I was very upset. (After the technician visit) It looks like new again. Delighted,I didn't think it would look so good.

Mr Florence (Mar 2016)

I have a three seater corner suite in teal corduroy that had been stained when jammy toast fell on it & created a grubby dark stain that was a on embarrassment. I was delighted (with the repair). My whole suite came up good as new &  is in perfect condition now. I am very pleased.

Ms Russell-Conway (Jan 2016)

Orange Juice. I was mortified my cream sofa was ruined. (Now it's) Like new, the technician was fantastic. I cannot tell you how happy this guy made me and how clean my sofa is now. he was brilliant. Happy, my sofa looked clean again and smelt lovely. The technician spoke to me and reassured me he could sort it out.

Miss Allfree (Jan 2016)

Blood stain on chair from husbands bone marrow  dressing leaking. As chair was only 2 months old  we were very worried about it. (Now) As good as new. Could not believe the result, I was very very  pleased. Service was excellent.

Mrs Westal (Jan 2016)

Sofa had some food stains, pen marks and something oily looking on it, I was upset that we had managed to stain it. (Now) It looks brand new! I couldn't believe the stains had come out so easily with the technicians cleaning products, I was very impressed.

Mrs Selby (Jan 2016)

The furniture looks better than when it had been delivered very impressed with Tams work

Mrs. Williams (Dec 2015)

Technician was brilliant. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional.

Mrs. Robertson (Dec 2015)

Very pleased with the final result. We couldn't see any evidence of what had been done!  The technician did a professional job

Mr. Leuty (Dec 2015)

I didn't think it would ever come out. Now the seat looks brand new and smelt wonderful.

Miss Woodhouse (Dec 2015)

Can honestly say it looks like nothing ever happened to it.

Mr Hodgetts (Nov 2015)

The service and expertise was brilliant and the company should be proud of its service and the excellence of the employee who came to resolve our problem

Mr Varley (Oct 2015)

The service gentleman was very professional, listened to what I had to say and explained what he was going to do. Afterwards he spoke with me at length about what he had done and gave me after care details. He was top class !!

Mrs Moran (Oct 2015)

My grandson had shook his juice cup along the entire length of the sofa leaving staining. I was relieved when I checked my Guardsman policy to find that  was covered.

Mrs Hoyle (Oct 2015)

My young daughter splashed paint in my sofa. I was very upset as the furniture was only a couple of months old! (Now it's) As good as new. Relieved that it had all come out.

Mrs Thornett (Oct 2015)

I am impressed with how quickly my claim was dealt with from start to finish. Everyone was very polite from call handler to technician. The technician was extremely professional but was also approachable and I had confidence he knew what he was doing and made the whole process easier having direct contact rather than having to go through a call service all the time to make appointments!  Thank you!

Miss Bailey (Aug 2015)

The service was outstanding both the technicians were very professional and friendly I would highly recommend Guardsman.

Ms. Samba (Aug 2015)

Great to have a hassle free response to an insured problem..at last a firm that follows through and doesn't my suite look and feel great!

Mrs. Harris (Aug 2015)

Our experience with Guardsman was very positive and the professional service shown through all contacts indicates that you are doing everything at the highest level. Thank you.

Mr. Todd (July 2015)

I would highly recommend this service. Although it took a long time to get the replacement part (I believe this to be out of guardsmans control) I was kept fully informed with the progress and delivery status. Once the part became available it was installed quickly and professionally. A pleasure to have a company that seems customer focused and could not recommend any improvements! 100% first class.

Mr. Christina (July 2015)

My experience with guardsman was fantastic from my first call to the call out. Fantastic man who came to fix my sofa. I would highly recommend. 

Mr. Hart (May 2015)

Sofa back and one cushion had typex correction fluid spilt on it. (Now it's) A1 Like new. Very pleased and very surprised he was able to remove the stain with no loss of colour.

Mr. Seymour (May 2015)

 Very pleased, as the sofa looks like new again (and it smells nice and clean too)

Miss Maio (May 2015)

The springs had gone and a zip had broken. I was concerned that it couldn't be fixed and that I would be 'blamed' for the damage. (Now it's) Like new. Delighted. He had noticed that more springs had gone and repaired those too.

Mrs. Hayward (May 2015)

It was a professional service from making my call to make a claim to the technician repairing my sofa.

Mrs. Rosbotham (Mar 2015)

Brilliant. There is absolutely no sign of any marks, red wine or tide marks following the clean. I am delighted

Mrs. Emblen (Mar 2015)

Quality and service throughout my claim was very good and non stressful!

Miss Hirst (Mar 2015)

The seat has been completely recovered it looks just as it did when I purchased it.

Mr. Mcfarlane (Mar 2015)

Red face paint stains - felt upset as sofa was only 3 days old! (Repaired so it looks) As new. Results were perfect so felt very happy and relieved. Also reassured that I had made a good investment in taking out the cover.

Ms. Kashi (Nov 2014)

Springs collapsed on three out of four cushions. I felt upset that I had been lied to about the construction of the sofa. (Now it's) better than new. Overjoyed with results because we can now use all of the seats. Keep up the good work

Mr. Cummins (Nov 2014)