Dining & Bedroom Protection Plan

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Water marks and ink. Disappointed as the table seems fragile to spills and general use. Felt great to see the table fully restored. Technician extremely competent. Thank you.

Mr Soowamber (Mar 2016)

Small marks on our dining table caused by family members after family dinner. I felt disappointed however knew as it was accidental damage that Guardsman will repair it as per my insurance policy. Lots Better and Brand new again

Ms Traynor (Mar 2016)

small grease(?) mark on matt lacquered table top.  Somewhat annoyed as table was only weeks old. Mark was completely removed and lacquered finish  restored. Very pleased with the result. It is always pleasant to find a service that does what it claims.

Mr & Mrs Britton (Mar 2016)

The damage that was done to our lamp table, was in the form of a 'divot' following the corner of a carriage clock hitting it. As it is a fairly new piece of furniture it was very disappointing to see this. (It's now) As good as new. You would be very hard pushed to see the repair, even a close distance. The colour match between the repair and the wood grain is excellent. Very pleased.

Mr Mitchell (Mar 2016)

Very sad and disappointed that accident happened.   Two small chips to bottom of the table legs. The repair has blended in and is not visible. Relived that you no longer could see the chips as they could be seen from a distance.

Mr Dhillon (Jan 2016)

Table and chairs were knocked and stained. I was glad I had got cover because I would have been upset if I would have had to pay to have it repaired.  It looks really good, I am really pleased.

Mrs Andrews (Jan 2016)

Water mark on wooden furniture. Annoyed that I had spent money on it and now it didn't look good. Excellent (repair, looks) brand new! And it's about 4 years old.

Mrs Stewart (Jan 2016)

Bit of wood missing in chair leg. Happy - the repair looked good

Mr Fenwick (Jan 2016)

Expensive wooden table - multiple water stains following a party - I thought it was ruined and I was upset as it is only a few months old. (I'm) Delighted and relieved as I thought the table was ruined

Mr Clare (Oct 2015)

Small circle of damage to wooden table, burnt with acid type substance. As good as new, and the damage could not be seen. Very pleased.  We thought the table would have to taken away and stripped and repolished.

Mrs Dobson (Oct 2015)

Dent marks on the table. I thought I had ruined my table. (Now it) Looks like new. So pleased. He did a great job

Mrs. Barstow (Oct 2015)

Marble dinning table, upset by damage done by school bag. The table now looks lovely again. Delighted by the repair as the table is situated where you could see the damage as soon as you entered room.

Mr. Murray (July 2015)

The backs of two chairs loosened. We were unhappy about it but very glad that we were still within the insured period. Satisfied because they were back to newly bought condition - we have looked after our furniture well!

Mr. Mcintosh (July 2015)

Red wine stain, unhappy that chair was stained but pleased It was covered for repair. Really pleased you can't see the stain (anymore) and the chair looks as good as new.

Mrs. MacDonald (June 2015)

Very pleased. As invisible a repair as I imagine could be achieved.

Mr. Jones (Mar 2015)

Great. Can't see the scratch! Like having a new table again. 

Miss Watson (Feb 2015)

My dining table had a grease stain and white mark. Excellent repair work. Happy that it looked back to normal.

Mrs. Murphy (Sep 2014)

Table leg was bashed accidentally and damaged. I was pleased with the results of the repair as the table no longer has a splintered piece missing.

Mrs. Crist (Aug 2014)