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Ring & Mark Remover Cloth
Ring & Mark Remover Cloth

Removes water, heat and other marks from finished, sealed wood surfaces.

Product Description

Our re-usable wood repair Ring & Mark Remover Cloth is specially treated to remove minor blemishes from finished, sealed wood surfaces, along with stains, marks and rings caused by: 
- Water
- Heat
- Alcohol
- Latex Paint & most permanent marker stains

To use the cloth, apply pressure and rub in the direction of the grain. After each use, simply return the cloth to the resealable package; the cloth lasts as long as it is not dried out or heavily soiled.

It can take some time for the cloth to remove the mark from the finish of the wood. If immediate results are not visible, we recommend you persevere using firm pressure. 

This product is not effective in removing marks from unsealed or oil finished wooden furniture, as the marks are likely to have penetrated the grain rather than the finish.

Safety Information

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