Mattress Protectors

Guardsman Natural Mattress Protector
Guardsman Natural Mattress Protector

Guardsman Natural Mattress Protector provides you with a silky, smooth and soft fibre surface to sleep on. The natural fibre used, TENCEL®, is soft to the touch and is proven to be gentler than cotton against your skin. Dermatologically proven to improve well-being whilst you sleep, it keeps you dry and cool. TENCEL® draws moisture away from the skin, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. 


Product Description

  • - Made from natural TENCEL fibres which are manufactured in an environmentally friendly process
  • - Silky soft, it can even be used as a fitted sheet which is perfect for sensitive skin
  • - Anti-Allergy
  • - 100% Waterproof membrane
  • - Breathable barrier to wick away heat and moisture
  • - Designed to stay smooth and not bunch up
  • - Prevents dust mites, bacteria, mould, mildew and fungus from developing inside your mattress
  • - 10 year product guarantee


We also recommend Guardsman Natural Pillow Protectors to provide the same allergy relief, cleanliness and protection for your pillows.
Available in a range of sizes:
- Single (90cm x 190cm) 
- Double (135cm x 190cm)
- King (150cm x 200cm)
- Super King (180cm x 200cm)
Easy to fit and care for:
- Suitable for all mattresses (memory foam, inner spring, futons) and has a deep skirt, that fits like a fitted sheet up to 34cm 
- Machine washable - recommended washing at 60oC to remove any allergens accumulated on the protector, with no risk of removing the protective benefits
- Tumble dry only on lowest setting with bed linens