Mattress Protectors

Guardsman Classic Mattress Protector
Guardsman Classic Mattress Protector

Our classic mattress protector, ideal for children, and guest bedrooms. With a smooth, porous terry cotton surface, it provides a highly absorbent soft protection for your mattress to wick away and disperse excess moisture from your skin. The protectors have a breathable but also waterproof membrane; it allows heat and moisture out yet prevents liquid from seeping in. The membrane is also effective in preventing dust mites and bacteria from penetrating the surface of the mattress.


Product Description

  • - Soft and highly absorbent terry cotton surface
  • - Anti-Allergy
  • - Breathable barrier to wick away heat and moisture
  • - 100% Waterproof membrane
  • - Designed to stay smooth and not bunch up
  • - Ultra thin four way stretch means protector fits to your bed like a fitted sheet
  • - 10 Year Product Guarantee


We also recommend Guardsman Classic Pillow Protectors to provide the same allergy relief, cleanliness and protection for your pillows.


Available in a range of sizes:
- Single (90cm x 190cm) 
- Double (135cm x 190cm)
- King (150cm x 200cm)
- Super King (180cm x 200cm)
Easy to fit and care for:
- Suitable for all mattresses (memory foam, inner spring, futons) and has a deep skirt, that fits like a fitted sheet up to 34cm 
- Machine washable - recommended washing at 60oC to remove any allergens accumulated on the protector, with no risk of removing the protective benefits
- Tumble dry only on lowest setting with bed linens.